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WikiLeaks Consequences

Gillian Gotora reports for AP:

HARARE, Zimbabwe (AP) -- Zimbabwe's top lawyer may seek treason charges against former opposition politicians named in diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks, a move that drew criticism Thursday from a prominent legal rights group.
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Tomana says the panel cannot be identified for ethical reasons. He said he asked panel members to submit their legal opinions by March on contacts between U.S. diplomats and Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's party that allegedly conspired to oust longtime ruler President Robert Mugabe.
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Treason carries a possible death sentence in Zimbabwe. In 2007, Tsvangirai was acquitted on charges that he plotted the assassination of Mugabe, after a lengthy trial seen as a political ploy against the then opposition leader.
Some folks on the fringe left consider Julian Assange to be a hero.  Giving a thug like Mugabe ammunition to go after the people who dare to stand up to him is not my idea of heroism.

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