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At Least Someone Gets It


A fellow in Washington state serving LWOP for his third (!) rape made up his mind to kill a prison guard and did so, with calculation and a good deal of force.  He has concluded that he deserves the death penalty and explains why, as related in this article.

His reasoning seems apt.  A system that refuses, ever, to give the jury the option of imposing the DP for murder effectively gives its LWOP inmates a license to kill.  What's to lose?

This fellow killed because he felt like it, and is honest enough to say so.  Abolitionists demand that we furnish him, and others as bad or worse, not merely a license to kill, but an unlimited license to kill  --  which is about all you need to know about abolitionism.

A related question is why an inmate is able to figure out something that so many academics get wrong.  And the answer, I suspect, is that prison is better connected to reality than a lot of law schools.

Hat tip to notablogger.

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