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Don't Stop With Just Hiding the Tattoos


Wear glasses, too.  No kidding.  So reports the ABA Journal.

Personally, I suggest the defense bar go whole hog and dress up their clients as Mother Teresa.


I worked on a case a while back where the defense attorney was threatening to sue the jail because they had confiscated the defendant's glasses. The defense attorney made a huge stink about it, and he kept yelling at the court about how the defendant needed his glasses so that he could take notes and participate in the trial.

A couple days later, the trial prosecutors informed the court that they had a recording of a phone call the defendant had made from the jail in which he discussed the glasses in question. Turned out the lenses in those glasses were just glass -- the glasses were purely cosmetic -- and the defendant was wearing them in court because he thought they made him look like Malcolm X.

Did the defense attorney apologize? Of course not.

That is a gem. Thanks.

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