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More on Cell Phone Searches

Does a warrant authorizing a vehicle search for "evidence of a crime" also permit police to view the contents of a cell phone found in the vehicle?  The West Virginia Supreme Court says yes:                   

In [United States v.] Ross, the Supreme Court explained that
a lawful search of fixed premises generally extends to the entire area in which the object of the search may be found and is not limited by the possibility that separate acts of entry or opening may be required to complete the search. . . A warrant to search a vehicle would support a search of every part of the vehicle that might contain the object of the search.  When a legitimate search is under way, and when its purpose and its limits have been precisely defined, nice distinctions between . . . glove compartments, upholstered seats, trunks, and wrapped packages, in the case of a vehicle, must give way to the interest in the prompt and efficient completion of the task at hand.
*                         *                         *
Accordingly, we now expressly hold that, when searching a vehicle pursuant to a valid search warrant, no additional search warrant is required to examine the contents of items that are properly seized in the execution of the warrant, including, but not limited to, cellular telephones.

The AP has this story.

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