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Cocaine -- Just What a Fourth Grader Needs!


One of the "proud" accomplishments of the last Congress was adopting the so-called Fair Sentencing Act, which reduced the disparity in sentencing between crack and powder cocaine. 

Many, on both sides of the aisle, supported that legislation, which President Obama cheerfully signed.  And while there were reasonable arguments to be had for reducing the disparity, it could have been accomplished, of course, by raising the penalties for powder instead of lowering those for crack.  If this ever occured to Chairman Leahy or then-Chairman Conyers, I never heard of it.

The following story does not deal with crack (so far as I have been able to find out), but it illustrates what is likely to become yet more prevalent if we lose our nerve in the war on drugs.  It was that loss of nerve, combined with a good deal of racial bullying, that, in my close-up view, accounted for the FSA.

Four students at a Washington, D.C. elementary school were briefly hospitalized after snorting and swallowing cocaine brought to the school by a fourth-grader.

The unidentified fourth-grade student was charged with drug possession after allegedly bringing the cocaine to Thomson Elementary School and sharing it with his or her classmates.

The children, whose names and ages have not been released, are all in good condition and were taken to the hospital only as a precaution, officials said in a statement. They said school staff called the authorities after the students became sick. When police arrived, they confirmed that the substance was cocaine.

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