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Friday SCOTUS Orders

The US Supreme Court has issued this orders list following its conference today.  Nothing unexpected.  The SG gets divided argument when he asks for it and nobody else does.  The deceased respondent in Fox v. Vice is substituted out.  "The motion to substitute Judy Ann Vice, as Executrix of the Estate of Billy Ray Vice, as respondent in place of Billy Ray Vice is granted."  They still use the archaic feminine form of "executor."  Not sure if that is the Court's preference or just reflects Louisiana practice.

In the middle of the term, the Court sometimes announced grants of certiorari in its day-of-conference orders list, and the list on the following Monday would all be denials.  Moving up the grant announcement gives more time to brief the cases before oral argument.  Now that it is too late to add cases for argument this term, we are back to all the grants and denials being announced on Monday.

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