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Monday SCOTUS Orders

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The US Supreme Court's Monday orders list is here.

One civil case was taken up: Golan v. Holder, regarding copyrights.  Kind of odd for the AG to be the respondent in a copyright case.  The second respondent is the head of the Copyright Office, which makes more sense.

Cases turned down:

Idaho v. Shackelford, No. 10-589, involving a state supreme court's stretch of Ring v. Arizona, was turned down.  That's not terribly surprising, as the decision was intertwined with state law.

Missouri v. Garcia, 10-718, involving fugitives and speedy trial.

Brown v. Valdivia, No. 10-848, on parole hearings and confrontation.  Not at issue in this petition was another point on consent decrees and changes in state law.  The state prevailed in the Ninth Circuit on that point, with some help from CJLF's amicus brief.

Three cases on bribery:  Rast v. United States, Pugh v. United States, and McNair v. United States.

No action (apparently relisted):

Maples v. Thomas (formerly Allen), on procedural default and lawyers who don't notify the court of change of address.

Felkner v. Jackson, on Batson peremptory challenge issues.

And last but not least:

It is ordered that Christine Luchok Fallon be appointed Reporter of Decisions of this Court to succeed Frank D. Wagner, effective March 3, 2011, and she is charged with the duty of reporting the decisions of the present Term which have not been reported prior to March 3, 2011.
Congratulations to Ms. Fallon.

Update:  John Elwood discusses the relists at SCOTUSblog and Volokh Conspiracy.  He opines the Felkner "may be under consideration for summary reversal."

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I'm guessing that there's a dissent/concurrence from the denial of cert. in Maples. Let's hope so.

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