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Ohio carries out pentobarbital-only execution

The "three-drug protocol" that has been the primary method of execution in the United States since the early 90s has had two main problems.  First, there was litigation over the possibility that the inmate might not be sufficiently sedated if the first drug, sodium thiopental, was not properly administered before the second and third drugs were used.  Second, there was a supply problem when the lone U.S. manufacture of thiopental first temporarily stopped production and then proposed to move production to Italy, which promptly saw an opportunity to meddle once again in an issue that is none of its business.

The first problem can be corrected by getting rid of the second and third drugs altogether and relying on the single massive dose of sedative to do the job.  The second can be corrected by switching to a different sedative.  There is nothing magic about thiopental.

Ohio and Washington have taken the first step, and Oklahoma has taken the second.  Today, Ohio became the first state to take both.  Johnnie Baston was executed for the murder of Chong Mah.  Rob Stein has this story in the WaPo.

My proposal to get rid of lethal injection altogether is here.

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