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Pro Bono Opportunity

D.C. attorneys, want to do some pro bono publico work?  Zoe Tillman at BLT has this post on an opportunity.  DC's Acting AG is looking for pro bono attorneys to lessen the office's crushing workload.

"Pro bono publico" is Latin for "for the public good."  The term is used for volunteer work by attorneys, but a great deal of what is done under that heading is actually contra bono publico.  Attorneys claiming that they are working "pro bono" conduct litigation that the public would be better off without, such as suing the FDA over its assistance rendered in importing the drugs needed for lethal injection.

Has America completely run out of worthy beneficiaries of pro bono assistance, such there is nothing left to do but help murderers avoid the execution of their well-deserved sentences?  I find that extremely doubtful.  More likely the problem is that helping regular folks with routine legal problems just isn't seen as boosting the firm's public profile.  They would rather do work that makes headlines, even if it means helping the bad guys.

Helping the DCAG with routine criminal cases won't make headlines, but it will get you some in-court experience you might not get otherwise, and you will know that your volunteer hours actually have been spent for the public good.

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