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The Ghost, and Ghosts, of Lockerbie


The Wall Street Journal has this news alert:

Scottish prosecutors want to interview Moussa Koussa, the former Libyan foreign minister who flew to the U.K. Wednesday, in connection with the 1988 Lockerbie bombing. Mr. Koussa has at times been alleged to have had a role in the bombing.

Earlier Thursday, U.K. Foreign Secretary William Hague said Mr. Koussa won't be offered immunity from British and international justice.

What really needs to happen is that Koussa should be extradited to, or seized by, the United States, and brought here to be executed for the mass murder in which he is up to his eyeballs.

As I have noted before, there has been no serious punishment for the vindictive and horrifying slaughter of 270 innocent people.  One Libyan intelligence official was jailed, then released on fake "compassionate" grounds.

The whole Libyan adventure is beyond the scope of this blog, but one piece of it is easy.  It's time for justice for Mr. Koussa.

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