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Faking Mental Disorders

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Since those who appear as defendants in criminal cases are almost always factually guilty, some method has to be devised to pry them away from any actual consequences of their acts.  One of the favorites these days is to hire some Rolodex shrink who can be counted on to testify that the defendant was "suffering" from some mysterious but dreadful-sounding "syndrome." 

If you never heard of the "syndrome" before, that's because you're a Neandethal.  Plus you're not nearly as creative as the defense bar and its well-paid entourage of Professional Excuse Writers.

All this is by way of introducing today's little nugget from MSNBC, titled, " Adults Who Claim to Have ADHD?  1 in 4 May Be Faking It."

Amid what some claim is a growing epidemic of ADHD diagnoses, a study finds that almost one in four adults who show up in doctors' offices seeking treatment may be exaggerating -- or even faking -- their symptoms.

Twenty-two percent of adults in the study who claimed they suffered from attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder tried to skew test results to make their symptoms look worse, according to a new report based on the medical records of 268 patients and published in the journal The Clinical Neuropsychologist.

For as useful as faking symptoms might be in getting ahold of some juicy drugs, it's even more useful for the now-standard defendant stunt of portraying yourself as a victim, then making the whimpering (or, if that doesn't work, snarling) demand for "compassion." 

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Cosmetic Pharmacology--drugs prescribed not to treat disease but to improve performance. What a world!

If it doen't work in court, chances are it will work before the SSI appeals panel.

As a last resort, you're "golden" in a medical marijuana state.

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