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Head of NACDL Resigns


In a surprise move, the head of the NACDL (National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers) submitted his resignation last night.  The press release issued this morning says, in part:

After years of working to achieve justice for the many people wrongly accused and harshly sentenced, I have decided to move on.  I believe a younger generation should take the helm to deal with clients who constantly lie to them.  As champions of the downtrodden, I hope that those who must now step up bear in mind that, even though our clients are guilty as hell, the only truly American thing to do is flumox the jury and/or judge to put them back on the street to do it again.  To the future crime victims this will create, I would say  --  deal with it.  Look, boys gotta have fun.  And to the many charged with drug crimes under authoritarian statutes that deny a free people the right to put into their own bodies what they wish, I would say:  Meth is good for you.  Don't believe all that DEA tripe.

I could go on, but I know my cover is already blown.  April Fool.

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