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Murder of Police Officers Way Up This Year

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CBS News has a disturbing report that starts this way:

St. Petersburg, Fla. - The police killings began Jan. 1, with the fatal shooting of a deputy in Ohio. And the violence has continued, reports CBS News justice correspondent Bob Orr.

So far this year, 26 officers have been gunned down - 44 percent more than the 18 shot and killed at this point in 2010.

But it's the third paragraph that raised my eyebrows:

Many of the fallen have been ambushed by violent career criminals with easy access to high-powered weapons.

Q:  And why do we have "violent career criminals" out on the street where they have access to weapons at all, much less high-powered weapons?

A:  Because, contrary to the drumbeat about allegedly excessive imprisonment in "incarceration nation," the truth is that we aren't sufficiently serious about putting dangerous people behind bars and keeping them there.  The results of the Left's obsession with imprisonment (combined with its intentional obliviousness to crime) are, unfortunately  --  but predictably  --  spelled out in blood.

1 Comment

Do violent career criminals have greater access to high-powered weapons this year than they did last year?

If not, how can any rational person attribute the year-over-year increase to access to weapons?

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