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News Scan

Serial Killer Goes on Trial for 1968 Murder:  L.L. Brasier of the Detroit Free Press reports serial killer Nolan Ray George, 67, will go on trial today in the Oakland County Circuit Court for the 1968 murder of 36-year-old Gwendolyn Perry.  George allegedly met Perry at a local drug store before strangling and sexually assaulting her.  He confessed to killing Perry over forty-two years ago, but was not charged with the murder until last summer after a special investigative task force reopened the case.  Although he was convicted of strangling two other women, George has only served a total of twenty-two years in prison due to a series of plea deals and appellate court decisions.  He also allegedly bragged about killing five to seven other women. Chief Assistant Prosecutor Paul Walton remains confident about the case, despite the fact the crime occurred 43 years ago. 

Parolee Sentenced to Over 250 Years in Prison:  Fox 4 Kansas City News reports Taurian J. Burton, 25, was sentenced to over 250 years for a 2009 rape, assault, and robbery.  Burton had been on parole for another home invasion in Jackson County at the time of the crime.  In 2009, Burton and his accomplice invaded the victims home to steal their plasma television.  While inside the home, Burton pistol whipped and bound the couple before raping the woman at gunpoint.  Burton will be eligible for parole in forty-two years.

Judge Overturns Death Sentence:  Howard Mintz of Mercury News reports U.S. District Judge Saundra Brown Armstrong overturned the 1980 murder conviction and death sentence of Marvin Pete Walker Jr., 51, one of California's longest-serving death row inmates.  Walker was sentenced to die for the 1987 fatal shooting of 15-year-old Joseph Vasquez during a liquor store robbery.  The judge concluded Walker had been improperly shackled in front of the jury throughout trial, thus tainting the verdict.  The California Attorney General has until Friday to decide whether to appeal the ruling to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeal.  If there is no appeal to this decision, then prosecutors will have the choice of retrying the case or releasing Walker.   

"Mass graves in Mexico reveal new levels of savagery":  Authorities in Mexico believe most of the 177 people recently discovered in the largest grave site ever found in Mexico were killed by blunt force trauma, reports Nick Miroff and William Booth of The Washington Post.  Bodies have been discovered in 34 grave sites around the farming town of San Fernando, almost all stripped of their identification and many with severe cranial trauma.  The Mexican military took over San Fernando last year after 72 migrants were kidnapped and fatally shot, but locals say the crime gangs moved back in quickly and began commandeering ranches and converting barns and sheds into holding pens and execution chambers.  After two large groups of bus travelers were kidnapped last month, several suspects tipped authorities to the mass grave sites.  As many as 122 of the bodies found were passengers on their way to the United States.

Tattoo of Murder Scene Leads to Conviction:  Robert Faturechi of the Los Angeles Times reports an LA County gang member's tattoo landed him a murder conviction, after a homicide detective recognized it as depicting an unsolved 2004 liquor store slaying.  The scene on Anthony Garcia's (aka "Chopper") chest matched the murder scene in perfect detail, complete with the Christmas lights that lined the store's roof, the direction the victim's body fell, and the nearby street light.  A miniature helicopter flew above, raining bullets on the scene.  After Garcia was photographed during booking for a traffic arrest, the tattoo caught the attention of Detective Kevin Lloyd, who had been at the murder scene.  Garcia ultimately confessed to a police officer posing as Garcia's cellmate.       

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