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Crime and Elections Up North

Crime was a major issue in a national election victory by conservatives this week.  Not in the United States, but next door.

The Conservative Party of Canada now has an outright legislative majority, no longer dependent on coalition partners.  Steven Chase has this story for the Globe and Mail.  A top legislative priority is "an omnibus crime bill containing a far-reaching rewrite of justice laws to fulfill their tough-on-crime agenda."

For the last two days I have been at a seminar on Three Strikes sponsored by the John Jay College Center on Media, Crime & Justice.  It was a different mix of people than I usually hang out with.  A few agreed with me.  Many were of a different viewpoint but reasonable.  And a few were so far out in left field as to make me wonder if we are really of the same species.  I overheard a couple of these strange birds talking about polls showing a real possibility of a socialist prime minister for Canada.  They were giddy at the prospect.  Guess again, folks.

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