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Henceforth, Notwithstanding Internal Communications, No More Gibberish

The AP reports that beginning in October, the federal government must start writing all new or substantially revised documents produced for the public in plain English.  That is, no more "heretofores," "hereinafters," or "thereunders."  President Obama signed the Plain Writing Act last fall after encouragement from the "plain English" movement to bring the government's jargon back down to Earth. 

Some possible examples:

Instead of:
Before an individual can be determined eligible for Disaster Unemployment Assistance, it must be established that the individual is not eligible for regular unemployment insurance benefits,
Timely preparation, including structural and non-structural mitigation measures to avoid the impacts of severe winter weather, can avert heavy personal, business and government expenditures. Experts agree that the following measures can be effective in dealing with the challenges of severe winter weather.

You can get financial help from Disaster Unemployment Assistance if your job was lost or interrupted as a direct result of a major disaster declared by the president of the United States,
Severe winter weather can be extremely dangerous. Consider these safety tips to protect your property and yourself.

"It is requested," might instead read as "please."  "It is required" as "you must."

"Federal writers are not supposed to be creating great literature," says Anetta Cheek, a leader of the plain language movement.  "You are communicating requirements, how to get benefits, how to stay safe and healthy, and other information to help people in their lives."

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