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Key Senator Switches on Connecticut Death Penalty

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The laws that legislatures pass often seem like abstractions, but they have real impact on real people.  There is nothing like putting a human face with a proposal to bring that home to the legislators who will vote on it.

Mark Pazniokas reports for the Connecticut Mirror:

Sen. Edith G. Prague, an opponent of capital punishment, said today she is refusing to vote to repeal the death penalty this year at the request of Dr. William A. Petit, sole survivor of a home invasion that left his wife and two daughters dead. Her switch leaves the repeal effort one vote short in the Senate.

Prague, 85, a Democrat of Columbia, asked Senate leaders to delay the repeal vote until next session, after the trial of the last of two defendants in the Cheshire home invasion case, in which Petit's wife was strangled and his daughters bound and left to die in their burning home.

"I actually believe in repealing the death penalty," said Prague, a senator for 16 years. "For Dr. Petit, for me to do one more thing to cause him some kind of angst, I can't do it."

1 Comment

And the abolitionists in Connecticut are foaming at the mouth . . . .

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