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Why no trial for bin Laden?

Orin Kerr at VC points us to this letter from sons of Osama bin Laden protesting that he was not tried in a court of law.  The letter, as Orin notes, is not in The Onion as one might expect but rather in the New York Times.

If he wanted a trial, all he had to do was turn himself in.

Oh, and they are going to sue in various international tribunals.


"Oh, and they are going to sue in various international tribunals."

My dream has come true. I can't wait for Harold Koh and the Human Rights Desk at the State Department to turn themselves into pretzels responding to this.

Perhaps, someone ought to remind our friends on the left of this kind of abject silliness when they lecture us about listening to the ICJ with respect to death row inmates.

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