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Nevada Gov. Vetos Biased DP Cost Study Bill

On June 1, the Nevada Legislature sent AB 501 to the Governor.  I wrote to the Governor two days later:

Assembly Bill 501 directs "an audit of the fiscal costs associated with the death penalty in this State."  A full, balanced study of the costs associated with retaining, reforming, or abolishing the death penalty would be informative for the public debate.  Regrettably, this imbalanced and poorly drafted bill does not call for such a study.  It calls for a one-sided study for use as a propaganda tool by the opponents of capital punishment.  The State of Nevada has better uses for its limited dollars.
The full text of the letter is here.

Yesterday, the Governor vetoed the bill, Cy Ryan reports in the Las Vegas Sun.  "Thus, because the bill fails to assure me that the outcome of the audit will be reliable and fair, I veto it," the governor said.

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