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News Scan

Judge Allows Georgia Execution to Proceed:  A Fulton County judge has rejected an attempt by Georgia death row inmate Roy Blankenship to halt his Thursday execution, reports Greg Bluestein of the AP.  Blankenship's attorney argued that Georgia's switch to pentobarbital would cause pain and suffering during the execution, but state attorneys countered that the drug has been used in more than a dozen executions.  Superior Court Judge Wendy Shoob also noted that every court to address the issue has found the use of pentobarbital constitutional.

ICE Announces Arrests of Over 2,400 Convicted Criminal Aliens:  Immigrations and Customs Enforcement announced yesterday that it's seven-day "Cross Check" enforcement operation in May led to the arrest of more than 2,400 convicted criminal aliens and immigration fugitives.  The nationwide operation involved the collaboration of more than 500 ICE agents, as well as other federal, state, and local law enforcement officers, and targeted aliens with serious convictions including armed robbery, drug trafficking, and sexual crimes against minors.  Craig Johnson has this story on CNN.

Suspect "Facebooks" During Hostage Standoff With Police:  Jennifer Dobner of the AP reports a Utah man held a woman hostage in a hotel overnight during a 16-hour standoff with police - all while posting Facebook statuses to keep his family and friends updated.  Jason Valdez's first post read, "I'm currently in a standoff ... kinda ugly, but ready for whatever," and he later added pictures of the female hostage with the caption "Got a cute 'Hostage' huh."  One of Valdez's friends also warned via a Facebook post that a SWAT officer was hiding in the bushes.  SWAT officers eventually swarmed the hotel and arrested Valdez, who is currently in critical condition from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  Authorities are also discussing whether some of Valdez's friends should be charged with obstruction of justice for hampering a police investigation.

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