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Ineffective Assistance

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Did Curt Flood win the Golden Gloves?  Course not.  Flood was a baseball player, and the Golden Gloves competitions are boxing tournaments.  But Flood's lawyer made that whopper of a mistake, among others, in oral argument in the Supreme Court of the United States.

And who was this disastrously unprepared lawyer?  Former Justice Arthur Goldberg.  Flood lost 5-3.  Justice Powell was recused.  Goldberg would have had to sway two more votes to win, as a 4-4 split would have affirmed the Court of Appeals decision in favor of MLB.

Richard Sandomir has this interesting story on a bit of baseball history -- and Supreme Court history -- in the NYT.

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Speaking of boxing and crime, did anyone else see the robbery last weekend masquerading as judging in the Williams-Lara fight?

As for the reserve clause, I wonder what Adam Smith would have thought of it. My guess is that Smith would have thought it appalling.

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