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News Scan

9th Circuit Halts Forced Medication of Jared Loughner:  The AP reports the Ninth Circuit late Friday ordered federal prison officials to stop forcibly medicating Jared Lee Loughner.  A federal district judge ruled last week that officials could administer anti-psychotic medication, deferring to prison doctors who determined Loughner posed a danger.  Briefing by federal prosecutors and Loughner's defense team must be submitted by tomorrow.

Case Closed on 130-Year-Old Murder Case:  A British coroner has identified a skull found in a British garden as the remains of Julia Thomas, a wealthy widow who was murdered by her housekeeper in 1879.  The coroner's ruling closes the case on the 130-year-old murder.  The AP has this story.

Texas Town Lays Off Entire Police Force:  The east Texas town of Alto, population 1,200, has been left with no police force after the city council cut the police budge to zero, reports CBS News.  The patrol cars have been placed in an impound lot and all five police officers furloughed for at least six months.  CBS News Correspondent Don Teague says Alto has been experiencing a crime spree recently, including the burglary of a construction company located across the street from the now-vacant police station. 

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