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Sometimes It's Just Too Much


Hat tip to reader notablogger for sending in this story about a defense lawyer who decided that all the stuff about being a champion for the downtrodden did not stack up against the dictates of a father's conscience.

The story is from MSNBC:  "Attorney for accused killer of Brooklyn boy quits"

Saying his conscience prevented him from continuing, an attorney for the accused murderer of 8-year-old Brooklyn boy Leiby Kletzky has quit the case, a newspaper reported Friday.

Gerard Marone, who was one of two lawyers defending Levi Aron, told The New York Daily News that he stepped down because of "the horrific way this boy was killed."

"I have three little boys," Marone told the paper.

"You can't look at your kids and then look at yourself in the mirror, knowing that a little boy, who's close in age to my eldest son, was murdered so brutally," the Daily News quoted him as saying.

The story goes on to say that Mr. Aron claims to have been hearing voices.  If the state of New York were sensible enough to have the death penalty, he would at some point be hearing one more voice  --  the one that says, "Do you have any last words?"

Yes, I understand.  Anyone who would dismember an eight year-old boy whose only crime was to ask for directions is, in some sense, out of his mind.  But the idea that he didn't know his ghastly actions were wrong is preposterous.  One way or the other, the notion that Mr. Aron should remain among us, confined or otherwise, is impossible to reconcile with the fundamentals of civilized life. 

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