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He Keeps Going and Going.....


You might remember the fellow who masterminded the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, one Abdel Bassett Al al-Megrahi.  The bombing resulted in the deaths of 270 people, 189 of them Americans. 

Mr. al-Megrahi was the purported head of Libyan intelligence under Colonel Qaddafi.  He was eventually convicted in Scotland.  Of course he was not given a death sentence, the Scots being, you know, too civilized for that.  Instead, they released him two years ago for "compassionate" reasons, to wit, that he was dying of cancer and would pass this veil of tears in three months, if he made it even that long.

Yes, well, that was then.  Few people were surprised to find out that al-Megrahi was nowhere near death and has been living in style in Libya, up until recently under Qaddafi's protection.

Now that Qaddafi's rule has been ended by forces backed by NATO and the Untied States, you might think those whose victory over the tyrant was made possible would like to see a better brand of justice than the kind worked out between their ex-dictator and a feckless and corrupt Scotish government.

As the New York Times reports, you would need to think again.  But not to worry. The Times also reports, apparently with a straight face, that al-Megrahi is  --  guess what  --  about to give up the ghost!

Less than eight hours [after the rebels refused to turn over al-Megrahi], Nic Robertson of CNN reported having found Mr. Megrahi at the villa, where his family said that it was caring for him without help and that he was dying.

"We just give him oxygen," the report quoted Mr. Megrahi's son, Khaled, as saying. "Nobody gives us any advice. There is no doctor. There is nobody to ask. We don't have any phone line to call anybody."

Well gosh.  I'll be happy to contribute a phone, with a built-in GPS and an autodial number for the Navy SEALS. 


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