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News Scan

Wisconsin Teen Targeted Whites:  Less than a week after the local police chief told reporters that the outbreak of beatings and robberies during the August 4 opening of the Wisconsin State Fair were not racially motivated, a 16 year-old black teen arrested for a robbery during the melee told police that he targeted whites, according to this AP story.  Eyewitnesses and victims told reporters that at around 7PM random attacks began inside the fairgrounds which escalated after the fair's 11:00 PM closing into reportedly hundreds of blacks roaming in groups outside the fairgrounds randomly attacking whites.  Details of the crime spree were reported by Don Walker, Mike Johnson and Breann Schossow last week in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.  

Riots in England Put Focus on Juvenile Justice:  Kent's post earlier today noted the toughening attitudes toward juvenile justice in England in the wake of the riots.  Also, a profile of offenders in the Daily Mail conflicts with the popular impression that all the rioters were the poor, underprivileged offspring of the working class.  "Poverty, social exclusion, poor education - these are just some of the theories put forward to explain the recent rioting. Yet shockingly, among those in the dock accused of looting are a millionaire's grammar school daughter, a ballet student and an organic chef. A law student, university graduate, a musician and an opera steward also said to have taken part."

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