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News Scan

Montana State Prison Modifies Execution Protocol: KXLH Helena News reports the Montana State Prison has modified its protocol for conducting executions. The review resulting in the changes was in response to an execution date set for last fall, which was eventually vacated by the courts. Like many other states, Montana will now use pentobarbital due to the inability to obtain sodium thiopental. Other changes include additional safeguards to ensure the drug is properly administered, the establishment of security zones, a reduction in the number of media witnesses, and clarifying the time line of an execution from the receipt of the death warrant to post-execution procedures.

Convicted Child Molester Hasn't Served One Day of 15-Year Sentence:
Chuck Williams and Jim Mustian Melvin C. Moseley has been free since he was sentenced to 15 years in prison in 2003 by Superior Court Judge Douglas C. Pullen. After being sentenced Moseley was allowed to remain free on bond by Pullen while post-sentencing psychological and sexual testing was conducted, which is how the case has stood for almost eight years. Following a hearing today in front of Judge John Allen, Moseley was taken into custody. Allen told 70-year-old Moseley and his lawyer that the original 15-year sentence has been filed with the clerk's office. "The defendant will surrender and will sit in jail until we have a hearing," Allen said. It is unclear how much Judge Allen can do under Georgia law. Pullen has called the Moseley case the worst mistake of his 40 years as a prosecutor and judge.

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