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Constitution Day

Tomorrow is the 224th anniversary of the day the Federal Convention's proposed constitution was signed in Philadelphia.  AP story here.

But of course the document signed that day was not the supreme law of the land.  It was only a proposal.  It only became the supreme law after it was ratified by the people through the democratic process.

When was that?  By its terms, it became the governing document of a union of the ratifying states when the ninth state ratified, June 21, 1788.  But the nine did not include the big dogs of Virginia and New York, and everyone knew a union would not succeed without them.  So July 26, 1788 is when we had a Constitution as a practical matter.  North Carolina reluctantly ratified the next year.  Rhode Island grumbled in on May 29, 1790, over two years after its initial referendum went down 237-2708.

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