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Have They No Sense of Decency?


The beginning of the end for Senator Joe McCarthy was when a gutsy lawyer, Joseph Welch, who had had enough of McCarthy's bullying, famously asked, "Have you no sense of decency?"  (Often mistakenly quoted as, "Have you no shame?").

I had the same reaction when I read this story appearing today in the New York Times concerning the defense tactics in the murder trial for the second killer in the Petit rape/murder case in Connecticut.  When reader federalist sent me the story, his one word for it was, "disgusting."

I see no way to disagree with that.  If this is what the defense bar has come to, things are at a lower ebb than I had believed.

You would think that Dr. Petit has gone through enough.  You would think wrong.  I simply do not understand how the leader of the defense team, Jeremiah Donovan, or any human being with even minimal empathy for his fellow creatures, could launch this kind of defense.

Mr. Donovan, have you so sense of decency? 

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