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Solyndra and That Familiar Aroma


A few days ago, Kent noted that President Obama's favorite "green energy" company, an outfit called Solyndra, went belly up after gobbling down half a billion or so in government-backed loans, a/k/a your tax dollars. 

Now going bankrupt is not exactly news in this Administation, nor is it ordinarily a topic for C&C.  On the other hand, it's not every bankrupt company that has the FBI carting out its documents, or visiting the homes of its executives and investors to cart out theirs. 

The most curious thing about all this is the combination of (1) Mr. Obama's preternatural enthusiasm for this company, including a well-publicized personal visit, and (2) the fact that its main investor, George Kaiser, was a billionaire bundler for Obama's 2008 campaign.  It would be impolite, and not really accurate, to say that a "bundler" is a bag man.  It's fair, however, to say that he's a fat cat who recruits other fat cats.

The news today is that White House e-mails have come out showing dozens of contacts with the Department of Energy pushing for hasty approval of the Solyndra loans.  The responsible official at Energy says he "can't recall" the identity of the White House officials who met with him.  For his part, Mr. Kaiser has no comment.

Is there a crime here?  I don't know, not yet.  But there's one heck of an aroma


"a/k/a your tax dollars." No. It would be more accurate to say "a/k/a proceeds of borrowings that our children will have to repay."


I stand corrected!

Actually, it's about half and half.

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