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Confirmation Nastiness

Kirk Makin has this story on "unexpected turbulence" at a confirmation hearing for a Supreme Court nominee.

No, not our Supreme Court.  Makin is the justice reporter for the Globe and Mail of Canada.

MPs addressed the lack of transparency in the appointment process, the high cost of litigation, and the toughly worded accusations that Judge Moldaver has made in the past about inadequate lawyers cheapening the Charter of Rights with runaway trials and hopeless legal motions.

Judge Moldaver insisted that he is no "Charter-basher." He said that he supports restrained lawyers who help their clients resolve their cases in the speediest and least-damaging way.

Every needless Charter motion ties up courtrooms and frequently bleeds away precious legal aid funds, he said.

Sounds like a good nominee to me.  The other charge against Moldaver is that he doesn't speak French.

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