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Gallup: Plurality (at least) favoring marijuana legalization

Gallup announced this poll today, showing Americans favoring legalization of marijuana 50-46.  The 95% confidence interval for sampling error of the poll is +-4%, so we can't say if that's a majority or a plurality, but it is the first time that the ayes have exceeded the nays.

If I had written the release, though, I probably wouldn't have used the term "record high."

(CJLF has not taken a position on this issue.)


I think some of these numbers reflect the public's righteous indignation over the abuse of the current medical marijuana laws.

Aside from the dubious science underpinning the laws, people in California and Colorado and elsewhere have a hard time accepting the institutional hypocricy evident in current medical marijuana laws. When college age youth arriving at marijuana dispensaries on skate boards with prescriptions for treatment of insomnia, anxiety, headaches, chronic pain etc. etc.--it is easier to throw up your hands and accept legalization for all.

By the way, I am growing weary of C&C's oft stated no position position on this issue.

Why is this issue any different than any other crime and punishment matter?

Nonprofit organizations operate on consensus. People who can come together and agree on our main issues (e.g., that murderers and rapists need to be swiftly and severely punished) would disagree with each other on this issue.

Eminently reasonable explanation.


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