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On September 1, Bill and I had a little discussion in the comments to this post about extradition of Moammar Gadhafi.  I thought the issue would be moot "if he is already room temperature when the Libyans finish with him...."  Well, I was way off on the temperature.


I think we should extradite what remains of him anyway. The ACLU is going to have heartburn until SOMEONE reads him his rights, appoints counsel, demands exculpatory evidence, etc., et al. Just 'cause he's dead doesn't mean we can ignore the Bill of Rights. I mean, really, are you some kind of Nazi?

Libyans that actually pay attention to the bleatings of the international law crowd must wonder what planet these do-gooders come from. The idea that a dictator who thought nothing of summarily executing others deserves some sort of process instead of summary execution is beyond silly.

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