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News Scan

Shootings Soar in New York: Brad Hamilton of the New York Post reports New York is seeing a 154 percent surge in the number of people shot in New York from 22 to 56 compared to the same week last year. Shootings have gone up 28 percent just within the past month. Police in the area attribute the increase in shootings to Occupy Wall Street protesters. Instead of fighting crime on the streets the special task forces are on Wall Street. When the protesters march, as many as 3,000 police are dispatched to keep the peace. Arrests in the area have plummeted 19 percent this year.

Increase Violence Against Police:  MYFOXNY.com reports an increase in the number of officers killed. Nationwide that number has already jumped 17 percent. The FBI released statistics recently showing that 56 officers were murdered in the line of duty last year compared to 48 the previous year. 15 of those officers killed were ambushed, 14 others died as they were making arrests, and one during transportation of a prisoner. All but one officer was killed with a gun, his attacker used a vehicle. Of the officer deaths, 22 happened in the south, which saw the highest increase. Along with the increase in officer murders there was also an increase in accidental deaths. 72 officers were killed in accidents, which is a 50 percent increase compared to the previous year. Last year 53,000 officers were assaulted.

5 Tons of Pot Seized in Indianapolis:  Mary Beth Schneider of the Indy Star reports authorities began an investigation back in March that started with money falling out of a hidden compartment in a truck and led to the largest drug bust in Indiana history. Police seized 5 tons of marijuana and $4.3 million dollars. Police are confident they have halted a drug distribution operation that most likely will affect a Mexican drug cartel, which authorities believe was the originator of the marijuana and the ultimate destination of the cash. Four men have been charged with conspiring to possess with intent to distribute more than 1,000 kilograms of marijuana.

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