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Thank You

This will mark my final post as a C&C blog author, as I have accepted a position in a local District Attorney's office and will soon enter the trial court world to prosecute misdemeanors.  Before I go, I would like to thank all of our C&C readers - your contributions to the blog have made my experience here even more enjoyable.

But this is not a final farewell.  Kent has offered to let me continue blogging here as a guest blogger, and I look forward to returning in this new role.

Thank you again.



Good luck with your new job! Always remember that being a prosecutor is one of the best jobs in the world because you are expected to do the right thing, all the time, every day.

Thank you so much for all you have given here. I look forward to reading your future contributions -- and to reading in the paper about all the hoodlums you put in the slammer.

Best of luck. I look forward to you postings.

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