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The Record

Here is an interesting tidbit for SCOTUS-watchers, stumbled upon while looking for something else.

Wetzel v. Lambert is a habeas case on conference for next Friday.  The docket is here.  The docket entry for Sep 26 is an otherwise routine entry with a twist:

Sep 26 2011 Record received from the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit (one DVD).
One DVD?  Usually they list how many boxes.  See, e.g., the Oct 4 entry on the same docket.

I didn't recall seeing that before, so I searched the docket for "DVD."  Sure enough, the docket search turned up no other references to lower court records being received as DVDs.  Ditto for CDs.  Progress comes slowly, but it comes.  (Speaking of technology and the high court, today's SCOTUSblog discussion is on televising arguments.)

Oh, and let's hope the Court grants Pennsylvania's petition.  The Third needs spanking here.

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