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Three Certainties


We all know the two certainties:  1. Death   2. Taxes.

But the list needs expanding:  1. Death  2. Taxes   3. Iran will get away with it.

The Administration is mumbling that "all options are on the table," but I doubt there's  a single person out there dull enough to believe it.

Even Code Pink isn't denying that a foreign government's plotting murder on American soil is an act of war.  At the minimum it's a crime.  Generally it's regarded as good practice to put people who plan violent crimes in the slammer.  Anyone think that's going to happen here?  Anyone think that the Administration will even ask the Iranians to hand over the plotters?  Much less force them to?

Righto.  We all know what the "consequences" of this episode are going to be.  Harken unto the words of Secretary Clinton:

We are actively engaged in a very concerted diplomatic outreach to many capitals, to the U.N. in New York, to not only to explain what happened so we can try to pre-empt any efforts by Iran to be successful in what would be their denial and their efforts to try to deflect responsibility but so that we also enlist more countries in working together against what is becoming a clearer and clearer threat."

Now that will really shake up the mullahs.

Astute reader federalist has noted that it's hard to figure out good options  for dealing with Iran.  Just so.  Maybe this is why we pay our Commander-in-Chief $400,000 a year. 


You can already see the back-tracking. It's pathetically weak.

Of course, President Bush didn't do a whole lot about Iran murderering our soldiers in Iraq.

I agree that President Bush would have been well advised to act more forcefully, perhaps much more forcefully, against Iran. Indeed, in my view, every President since 1979 would have been well advised to act more forcefully against Iran. Had we shown radical Islam back then that the wages of Jihad is.....ummm.....some extremely unpleasant experiences, one can only guess whether it would have become the worldwide, deadly menace it is now.

We can't undo the past. We can, however, seize the moment and start building a better and more secure and peaceful future by imposing on Iran a fearsome price -- one far steeper than it can afford.

George Bush is no longer President. Barack Obama is, and it's up to him. We'll see soon enough if he's up to it.

“I have to emphasize that this plot was not simply directed at the United States of America. This is a plot that was directed against the Saudi ambassador.”

From Barack Obama. Notice how he failed to mention Israel. There are few people in public life who are more distasteful than our current President.

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