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News Scan

Supreme Court Upholds Death Sentence: Allan Turner of The Houston Chronicle reports the U.S. Supreme Court has rejected convicted Houston killer Duane Buck's request to overturn his death sentence. The Supreme Court stopped his September 15th execution in order to decide whether to review the case. Buck was sentenced to death for the murder of his former girlfriend, Debra Gardner and her friend, Kenneth Butler. He also shot his sister, Phyllis Taylor, who survived. The issue before the court was testimony in the trial's punishment phase. Psychologist Walter Quijano on cross examination said being black could contribute to to Buck's "future dangerousness" in prison.

Supreme Court to Hear Case on Warrantless GPS Tracking: Mark Rockwell of Government Security News reports the Supreme Court will hear arguments on Tuesday, November 8th regarding whether or not warrantless uses of GPS tracking devices violates the Fourth Amendment of unlawful search and seizure. Legal experts have said this case could be a landmark in how law enforcement is allowed to use advancing technology. The case they are reviewing is one where the FBI and local law enforcement were tracking a suspected drug dealer. They put a  tracking device on the suspects Jeep. The device gave law enforcement the suspect's location seven days a week for four weeks. The Court must decide whether the tracking was a "search" and whether the installation of a GPS tracking device on a private vehicle is a "seizure." Law enforcement lawyers argue warrantless GPS tracks public behavior that is observable by anyone not using the technology.

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