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When Californians Knew What They Were Doing


Ed Whelan reminds us that today, November 4, is the 25th anniversary of one of the great moments in California elections.  Ed notes:

What do actual citizens think of liberal judicial activists? By large margins, the people of California unseat state chief justice Rose Bird (66% no) and justices Cruz Reynoso (60% no) and Joseph Grodin (57% no). All three justices had been appointed by Jerry ("Moonbeam") Brown, California's governor from 1975 to 1983. Bird had voted to overturn death sentences in all 61 capital cases that had come before her, and all three were widely regarded as activists who imposed their own liberal policy preferences, particularly on crime and business issues.

Now, the Moonbeam is back, and has already appointed the new Rose Bird, Prof. Goodwin Liu, to the Court from which the voters removed her.  Prof. Liu, for whatever else may be said of him, is a creative man, and, given his youth, may set a new record by voting against the state in sixty-two straight capital cases.   

Only time will tell.

To Kent and our readers  who live in California, my condolences, and I'll be happy to help you look for a house here in Virginia.

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