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Don't Cry for Julian Assange

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This op-ed in today's WSJ, with the above title, is one of those articles that is more important for who says it than for any originality in what is said.

Floyd Abrams is widely regarded as a First Amendment hero among folks who favor a broad interpretation of that enactment.  So does he think Julian Assange is a hero?  Not at all.  He finds "much to deplore."

None of this means that if WikiLeaks or Mr. Assange were brought to trial in this country that they would have no basis for claiming First Amendment protection. They would and should. Whatever the legal result, it would not absolve Mr. Assange of conduct that has put many people at great risk, or indeed, may already have cost some of them their lives.

"When delicate information is at stake, great prudence is demanded so that the information doesn't fall into the wrong hands and so that people are not hurt," the German newspaper Die Welt commented upon WikiLeaks' bulk release of unredacted State Department cables. That such self-evident language seems alien to Julian Assange and to WikiLeaks says it all.

1 Comment

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