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DNA to Help Police Identify Suspect's Eye Color: New Scientist Magazine reports scientists at Erasmus University Medical Centre in the Netherlands have developed IrisPlex, which can predict from a sample of DNA whether a person has blue or brown eyes with 94 percent accuracy. The UK could use IrisPlex immediately, while the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice is expected to approve the kit in the coming weeks. According to Manfred Kayser, one of the developers of IrisPlex, it is the first validated tool to help police identify suspects by predicting a visible trait. This could be especially helpful in cases where DNA has been recovered from a crime scene but police can't find a match in a DNA database. However, IrisPlex is not accurate enough to secure convictions in court.  

Blagojevich to Report to Prison March 15: The Associated Press reports U.S. District Judge James Zagel agreed Tuesday to allow ousted Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich to report to prison March 15. He had previously been ordered to begin serving his 14-year sentence on February 16. Blagojevich's attorneys asked for the extension so he could help his family move into a new home.  

Eleventh Body Found Along New York Beach Area: The Associated Press reports police announced Tuesday that they believe they have discovered the skeletal remains of Shannan Gilbert. Her disappearance last year sparked the investigation that led to the eventual discovery of ten homicide victims near a beach on Long Island. The remains were found about a quarter mile from where authorities found Gilbert's pants, shoes, pocketbook with ID, and other personal items last week. While police now believe a lone serial killer is responsible for the deaths of the ten bodies discovered, Suffolk County Police Commissioner Richard Dormer reiterated Tuesday that police believe Gilbert likely drowned. Five of the ten victims have been identified. Gilbert's mom said, "I have no reaction until I get a positive ID from the medical examiner."

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