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News Scan

New York Gov. Proposes More Flexible Probation Sentencing Laws: Reuters reports New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, as part of the state budget proposal, wants to make New York's probation sentencing laws more flexible. For most felony convictions, the sentence would be three to five years, instead of the current mandatory sentence of five years. For Class A and unclassified misdemeanors, the probation sentence would be two to three years, instead of the current mandatory three years. Cuomo's budget also includes the measure to expand the state's criminal DNA database, and a measure that would allow criminal courts to order the forfeiture of the money earned in the commission of a crime. Under current state law, those convicted of misdemeanors can keep the money they gain from their crimes, and prosecutors must sue those convicted of felonies to take back any criminal profits.

CA Assembly Passes Three-Strikes Reform:
Jim Sanders of The Sacramento Bee reports the California Assembly Tuesday passed AB 327, which would alter California's existing three-strikes law, by a vote of 41-33. The legislation would provide that an offender be sentenced to a 25 year to life prison term for a third strike only if the third strike is for a violent or serious felony, with some exclusions for certain previous crimes.The bill would only become effective if approved by voters at the November 2014 statewide general election. The bill now goes to the state Senate.

New CrimePush App Available on iTunes Today: Anushay Hossain, a Forbes Woman contributor, reports the CrimePush App, which allows smartphone users to quickly and discreetly report crimes, is available on iTunes today. Users can take a photo, record video and audio, and provide the location of the crime and a text description of the incident. Users can also report the crimes anonymously.

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