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News Scan

New York City Spree Killer Gets Additional 25 Years: The Associated Press reports Maksim Gelman will get an additional 25 years added to his 200 year sentence in prison for a stabbing and carjacking killing spree which claimed four lives. After an argument with his mother over using her car, Gelman proceeded to kill his stepfather, a woman who Gelman was reportedly obsessed with, the woman's mother, and a pedestrian Gelman ran over. The additional sentence is for slashing a Manhattan subway passenger, who survived and helped knock Gelman down before police arrested him.

Missouri Lawmaker Seeks Death Penalty Audit: The Associated Press reports Missouri State Senator Joe Keaveny filed a bill seeking an audit on death penalty costs within the state. The audit would compare the costs of the death penalty to that of life in prison without parole. According to Keaveny, the goal is to determine the cost of the death penalty and not to analyze the effectiveness of capital punishment as a deterrent to crime. This would be the first such audit in Missouri.

South Carolina Considers Death Penalty in Home Invasion Cases:
Sean Maginnis from WMBF News reports South Carolina state lawmakers are considering a bill that would add home invaders responsible for a murder to be eligible for the death penalty. Currently, criminals convicted of burglary, armed robbery, or kidnapping charges combined with murder are eligible for a death sentence. The bill would have a minimal impact on statutes already in place, but could provide prosecutors an additional tool for pursuing sentences. It would also potentially increase the length of home invasion crime penalties. Several versions of the bill are currently being considered.

Fugitive Calls Sheriff for Help After Running Out of Gas: The Associated Press reports Richard Vincent, 59, wanted in Georgia for violating parole on a murder and escape conviction, called the local sheriff's office for roadside assistance when he ran out of gas in Wyoming. The state troopers that were sent out took Vincent into custody when they realized he had an outstanding felony warrant. He is now being held for Georgia authorities pending extradition. 

Read more here: http://www.bnd.com/2012/02/15/2059015/mo-lawmaker-wants-audit-for-using.html#storylink=cpy

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