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News Scan

Increasing Number of Inmates With Dementia: Pam Belluck of The New York Times reports dementia in prison is on the rise, and many prisons are unprepared to handle the fast-growing population. While there is no exact count on cognitively impaired inmates, prisoners appear to be more prone to dementia than the general population because they often have more risk factors. New York has established a separate unit for cognitively impaired inmates who are cared for by professional caregivers, which comes with a high price tag. Other states, including Pennsylvania, are giving mental health workers special dementia training. Louisiana and California are taking a less expensive but riskier approach by training fellow prisoners to care for the daily needs of demented inmates.

Riverside and San Diego Counties Releasing Inmates Early: City News Service reports Riverside County Sheriff's officials said they have already had to resort to releasing some low-level offenders early to avoid exceeding maximum capacity in county detention facilities. In the first four months under realignment, Riverside County jails have already reached 95 percent occupancy. Teri Figueroa of North County Times reports San Diego County's jail populations would have been at full capacity by April without local officials employing the tactics of shaving jail sentences and outfitting offenders with GPS bracelets. In May, the department will take the next step in cutting the jail populations by using "alternatives to custody" for lower-level offenders to make room for the more dangerous criminals.

Convicted Sex Offender Caught on Video Violating Parole: Dan Noyes of KGO reports convicted sex offender Scott Herman can be been violating his parole on store surveillance cameras at a Bay Area Walmart. Herman has had half a dozen convictions and parole violations for indecent exposure or annoying/molesting children since 1996.  "In this case, this is a guy who clearly has a problem, cannot control himself and continues to deny, deny, deny," said Chris Weaver, Herman's parole agent. Last year while Christmas shopping at a Dollar Tree in Santa Rosa, a mother caught Herman grabbing himself and leering at her 7-year-old daughter. He only served two and a half months in Sonoma County Jail for this parole violation. Herman had been out of jail for less than two weeks when Weaver tracked Herman through the GPS unit strapped to his ankle and alerted the Walmart store security to train their cameras on Herman, who was in the Valentine's Day aisle. The surveillance video shows Herman following young girls up and down the aisle, thrusting his hips at the girls, hovering over them, and touching his groin area. 

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