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What's the Excuse This Time?


Michigan does not have the death penalty.  Time to get one.

I admit that it might be tiresome for me to continue posting about particular cases that cry out for capital punishment.  But I do it for a reason:  Our opponents are relentless in their campaign.  They have a barrel full reasons to end the death penalty.  It costs too much (because they drive up its costs).  It takes too long (because they spend years filing frivolous motions).  It provides no closure (as if there could ever be closure).  It won't bring back the victim (but incarceration will?).  LWOP will do as well (even though it doesn't).  We're executing the innocent (actual proof optional).

If you don't have a case, at least you can have persistence.  Abolitionists do, in spades, and we had best match them.  The race does not necessarily go to those with strength.  In public policy especially, it goes to those with stamina.

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