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ID-less Excluded From College Entrance Exams

Will James of the Wall Street Journal reported today that the organizations that administer the SAT and ACT college entrance exams are implementing security measures to prevent impersonators from taking the test on behalf of students.  Among these will be a requirement that all students planning to take the tests sign up in advance and upload or mail a photo of themselves which will be printed on a ticket, which will be checked against a student's photo ID on the day of the test.  When, one might ask, is the Justice Department going to seek an injunction to block this requirement which blatantly discriminates against every poor and minority high school student in America who lacks a photo ID?  We know a photo ID requirement is discrimination because Eric Holder told us so.  In December, after the Justice Department blocked a South Carolina law that required voters to show a photo ID, Attorney General Eric Holder said it is discriminatory because black voters in South Carolina are 20 percent more likely than white voters to lack a driver's license or state photo ID card.  Earlier this month the Justice Department blocked a similar law in Texas.  "Even using the data most favorable to the state, Hispanics disproportionately lack either a driver's license or a personal identification card," Thomas Perez, head of the Justice Department's civil rights division.  Does anyone other than me wonder which political party receives the votes of illegal aliens, felons, cartoon characters and the dead folks that voter ID laws would exclude?  

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