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13 Years in County Jail

Andy Furillo reports in the Sacramento Bee on the latest absurdity from Jerry Brown's "realignment" program.

Two men convicted of transporting 35 kilos of cocaine up Interstate 5 were each sentenced Friday to 13 years in "county jail prison," a new Sacramento record for the longest local term under the state's new realignment law.

Superior Court Judge Lawrence G. Brown said the sentences he handed down to David Ciarelli and Richard Wisneski "seems to flesh out and stretch out the contours of correctional realignment."

Brown said he had "no discretion" under the law but to sentence the two Los Angeles County men to county jail rather than state prison.

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"Realignment is enabling the department to comply (with the federal court orders) and reduce overcrowding," [California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation spokeswoman Terry] Thornton said. "It makes for a far more efficient prison system."
Sure, I could make my work more efficient, too, if I could just dump a big part of it on someone without the resources to do it properly.  But that would not make it the right thing to do.

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