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Poll On Arizona Status-Check Law

The Quinnipiac Poll asked 2,577 registered voters nationwide:

47. As you may know, in 2010 the state of Arizona passed a law that requires police to verify the legal status of someone they have already stopped or arrested if they suspect that the person is in the country illegally. Do you approve or disapprove of Arizona's immigration law?

                Tot    Rep    Dem    Ind    Wht    Blk    Hsp

Approve 68% 92% 46% 72% 74% 55% 47% Disapprove 27 5 47 24 22 37 49 DK/NA 5 3 7 4 4 7 5

Given the vehemence of the attack on this law by leaders of the Democratic Party and the claim that it is anti-Hispanic, the fact that both Democrats and Hispanics are almost evenly split on it is interesting.  Thanks to Eugene Volokh for the tip.
I deleted the men/women columns to fit in our format.  There wasn't much of a gender gap.

If the Supreme Court upholds this provision, will that make a campaign issue for President Obama?  Maybe an "energize the base" issue, but it doesn't look like an "appeal to swing voters" issue.

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