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News Scan

Multiple-Murderer Set for Execution in Florida: The Associated Press reports David Alan Gore is scheduled to be executed in Florida Thursday for the murder of 17-year-old Lynn Elliott. Gore killed four teenage girls and two women en total, but Elliott's murder is the only one he received a death sentence for. In 1983, Gore and his cousin took Elliot and her friend to Gore's parents house. They were tied up, and Gore raped them. When Elliott tried to escape, Gore chased her down and shot her twice in the head as he tried to drag her back to the house. The other girl was rescued by police. Gore admitted to killing three other girls and two women after he was arrested. He led authorities to the bodies of four of the victims, and was sentenced to life in prison for the murders. "For us it's been a nightmare, because I just turned 81. I was beginning to think that I might die before he went," said Elliott's father.

Stay of Execution for Oklahoma Killer: The Associated Press reports a federal judge in Oklahoma City has issued a stay of execution for Garry Allen, who was scheduled to be executed Thursday for killing a woman in 1986, with whom he had two children. She had broken off the relationship three days before the murder and sought a protective order. Allen shot her four times while she was picking up their sons at daycare. He resisted arrest when police arrived, and was shot in the head, losing an eye. The governor's office said Allen's execution was stayed to give him "adequate opportunity to litigate claims regarding competency." Attorney General Scott Pruitt's office filed an appeal of the stay with the 10th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals Wednesday, arguing Allen has been found sane by the courts. His attorney's have said his head injury caused mental impairments. "Now they are trying to say he is not competent, but he did this," said Adrian Titsworth, the victim's son. "The gunshot wound was after the fact."

Connecticut House Approves Death Penalty Repeal:
Douglas Stanglin of USA Today reports after 10 hours of debate, the Connecticut House approved and sent to the governor a bill to abolish the death penalty in the state. The bill passed the Democratic-controlled House mostly along party lines, 86-62.

Louisiana Bill Would Give Twice-Convicted Felons Earlier Chance at Parole: Ed Anderson of The Times-Picayune reports Louisiana's Committee on the Administration of Criminal Justice sent to the House floor on a unanimous vote legislation that would allow second-time felons a chance to apply for parole after serving one-third of their sentence. Currently in the state, second-time felons have to serve half of their sentence before they are eligible to seek parole. The bill would not apply to felons sentenced for crimes of violence or sex-related offenses. The bill is expected to be debated on the House floor next week.

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