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News Scan

Signatures for Three-Strikes Initiative Submitted: Tracey Kaplan of San Jose Mercury News reports signatures for an initiative that would scale back California's Three Strikes Law were turned in to state officials Thursday. The measure would allow only certain criminals to receive a 25 years to life sentence for any felony offense for their third strike. For many offenders, the third strike would be restricted to a serious or violent felony. The initiative would allow current third-strikers to ask the court to re-sentence them under the provisions of the new measure.

Border Patrol Sued by ACLU Over Traffic Stops: Manuel Valdes of the Associated Press reports the ACLU filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Border Patrol on Thursday in an attempt to prohibit agents from making traffic stops until they are trained on what constitutes reasonable suspicion. The suit alleges people are being pulled over and questioned based on the way they look and without reasonable suspicion. The ACLU and Northwest Immigrant Rights Project filed the lawsuit of behalf of three residents of Washington State's Olympic Peninsula who have been stopped by Border Patrol agents. The lawsuit says the traffic stops by agents violate the Fourth Amendment and exceed the agency's legal powers. The suit also asks that agents be required to file paperwork justifying each traffic stop, and to make that information available to a court-appointed special master.

Bill to Amend Provisions of Realignment Fails in Committee: The Victorville Daily Press reports California Senator Sharon Runner's (R-Lancaster) proposed Senate Bill 1435 died on a 4-3 vote in the Senate's Public Safety Committee and will not advance to the floor. The bill would have required defendants convicted of a felony who had three or more prior felony convictions be sentenced to state prison instead of county jail under the new realignment sentencing regulations.

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