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Overwhelming Support for Voter ID

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Rasmussen Poll reports that American voters overwhelmingly support a requirement to show ID for voting, with 73% rejecting the argument that the requirement is discriminatory.  A stub of their report is here.  Unfortunately, the full report is behind the paywall.

In the April 3 D.C. election, a man walked into a precinct, asked if they had an Eric Holder (being careful not to actually say or sign that he was Holder), and was nearly given Holder's ballot.  WaPo story here.  Project Veritas video here.

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> During the 2000 election, I remember a student from the University of Wisconsin—possibly Madison—who bragged to reporters that he voted 13 times for Al Gore.

[After reporters showed voting procedure at the site, it was clearly feasible if not probable--one just needed to get back in line.] He stated that his whole group voted multiple times as well.

>> I vaguely recall the FEC citing Cook County Illinois and California as having major voter fraud in 2000, besides irregularities in FL.

>>> The Pine Ridge Reservation in the Johnson-Thune SD Senate election of 2002 was likely the worst non-sense of which I've heard in my life, with cosmic corruption definitively changing the outcome and widely admitted by election officials.

I only followed the issue for two years, but anything to improve the honesty, the integrity of the process, would be greatly appreciated by this voter.


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